Auto Accident

Holistic Auto Accident Recovery With Our Stamford and Greenwich Chiropractor Team

Auto accidents are no joke. Even minor fender benders can cause damage to your car, finances, and physical and mental health. At Stamford Spine and Sports, serving Stamford, Greenwich, and surrounding CT communities, our chiropractor team is committed to helping you heal quickly and fully from your auto accident using non-invasive and drug-free services that support your body's natural self-healing power.


Common Auto Accident Injuries

Muscle strain, tendon tear, joint dislocation, disc herniation, disc bulge, nerve impingement, ligament sprain, whiplash, concussion, and other injuries are common after an auto accident. Your injury may be immediately obvious, or you may not notice it until days or weeks later. Delayed onset of pain and other symptoms, including headaches, insomnia, trouble concentrating, and joint stiffness, can happen if stress hormones that surge during trauma take time to return to normal levels. In the meantime, these hormones can act as a natural analgesic and hide your symptoms. So, even if you walk away from an auto accident feeling perfectly fine, you could be walking away with a hidden injury.

To prevent a small injury from turning into something bigger, we recommend consulting with a chiropractor ASAP following an auto accident, even if you don't think anything's wrong. Delay in treatment could increase the risk of other issues down the road, like scar tissue and chronic pain. 

Services Offered By Our Chiropractor for Auto Accident Injury

Our Stamford and Greenwich chiropractor staff doesn't just treat your injury. We'll help you restore your vitality and health, which can easily be thrown off track after a car crash. Here are a few common services that may help your body guide itself back to wellness after an auto accident: 

  • Stretching, strengthening, and tissue healing exercises
  • Chiropractic joint adjustments and spinal manipulations, to restore the body's normal alignment and ease pressure on pinched nerves and spinal discs
  • Lifestyle counseling, including individualized strategies for managing stress and improving your posture throughout the day
  • Acupuncture, to trigger biological healing processes and relieve pain
  • Massage therapy, to break up scar tissue and improve circulation of your blood and lymphatic fluids (key for injury recovery)

Together, our customizable services help relieve pain, restore joint and skeletal alignment, decrease pressure on nerves, facilitate blood and lymphatic flow, and accelerate healing. 

Is Your Daily Life Impacted by an Auto Accident Injury?

Don't let an auto accident injury kick you out of the driver's seat of your own health. To experience the difference of holistic and individualized chiropractic care, contact Stamford Sports & Spine at 203-355-2225 today. We proudly serve our neighbors in Stamford, Greenwich, and surrounding CT areas.


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